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Dofus Touch Game Tips and Guide

Dofus Touch is a free strategy game which is produced by Ankama Games for iOS and Android. The genre of games in which Dofus Touch falls is also called MMORPG's or Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game's. MMORPG's are games that can be played by dofus touch kamas players over a virtual medium like the Internet. It also includes role playing scenes, where the player has to take up a character, and do some tasks as to fulfill the role of the character in the game storyline.
Just like most other MMORPG games, Dofus Touch is also a free to play online strategy game that can be played in any smartphone which has iOS or Android operating system. Primarily, Dofus was a PC game, and with the rising popularity of Smartphones, the Developers thought of introducing a new version of the PC game for smartphones. In the touch version of the Dofus game, the developers have inculcated new touch controls for mobile devices. As we know, there is a scarcity of space in mobile devices, the map downloads have also been optimized so as to save space usage in mobile devices. The game is free to play and therefore has no subscription fees. No hidden costs also. Another feature of the Dofus mobile game, is that it does not sync the progress or does not load from the original game, which means every time someone plays the game, he/she has to make new or separate characters. Alternatively, not syncing from the original game also means that, the Dofus Touch is completely independent and is not remotely dependent on the Dofus PC game.
You will come across ferocious characters, players and also bosses while you search for the legendary dragon eggs. While you can form a team every time you play, the leader of your team can be cruel and vicious. So, it can be your players can also be aggressive and brutal. Dofus Touch is so much more exciting for these characters you play with. It is like the real-world simulation.
Dofus Touch features fifteen distinct classes ranging from the Drunken Pandawa, the Stealthy Sram to the Technomagical Foggernaut, each having their own unique set of abilities and specialties, when it comes to war.
Dofus Touch is a one in all games where you can unlimitedly battle, with over 200 levels of content. With multiple maps, cities and dungeons the Dofus Touch is one in a million. There are two game modes, P vs E and P vs P.
The Unique features of the game are-:
Massive Gameplay-: The game has got an immense gameplay. You can fight ferocious monsters or start a guild or become a leader of a guild. ( why not to joins us share more funny coins here MMOROG )You can also go on a quest or chat with other players and a lot more.
Strategies-: Control the other battlefield by joining with other players and strategically defeat the enemies.
Character Varieties-: Fifteen different character classes featured. Each character class has a unique set of appearance, style of fighting and strength.
P vs E or P vs P-: You can join a dungeon group and can fight against powerful enemies, or you can fight against other players in guild wars.
Player to Player Communication-: You can exchange or negotiate with other players. You can even chat with other players, and can also open up a shop for other players to use your items.